With ClipGain, every podcast sounds great.

Save hours of manual editing work. Automatic Noise reduction, leveling and mastering.

Before: Raw Input

Here is what a typical audio recording sounds like when it has not been professionally processed.

After: ClipGain output

Here is what a recording sounds like once you've passed it through ClipGain.io - Night and Day difference!

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ClipGain is simple solution to a challenging problem - how do you make a podcast sounds great, fast.

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Key Features

With our magic, your audio simply sounds better, every time.

Noise Reduction

ClipGain carefully analyzes your audio to determine if Noise Reduction needed and how much to apply while preserving optimal sonic quality.

Smart Leveler

Never worry about one part being too loud and another too quiet. Our Smart Leveler mimics volume automation to achieve even levels without sounding over-compressed.

Adaptive Noise Gate

Our Adaptive Noise Gate uses machine learning to determine when words start & stop, so you get all the benefits of a noise gate without chopping off any syllables.

Intelligent Filtering

ClipGain's Intelligent Filtering detects the lowest fundamental frequency of each voice, and cuts out unneeded frequencies. like background rumble or electrical hum.

Multitrack support

In addition to single-track mixing, ClipGain can also eliminate mic bleed, cross-talk, and condense multiple tracks to 1-file from same-room recordings.


ClipGain ensures your audio always meets Internet Loudness Standards so your audio is loud-and-clear on any device, anywhere.

Fast and Affordable


Your podcasting workflow will never be the same again.


Team Accounts Centralized Billing Cloud Storage Integration SLA Support Times As many hours as you need.


$99 a month, includes up to 100 hours of ClipGain.io Processed files stay in the system for 30 days. Multi-track and cloud-storage support.


$49 a month, includes up to 12 hours of ClipGain.io Processed files self-archive after 48 hours.


$29 a month, includes up to 5 hours of ClipGain.io - Processed files stay in the system for 12 days.

Incredibly Powerful

Make your podcast, YouTube video, or voice-over stand out with 1-click audio engineering by ClipGain.io

Podcast Smarter

Frequently Asked Questions

With our magic, your audio simply sounds better, every time.

Is this for Real?

We know this sounds crazy, but you really are 1-click away from sounding awesome and here's why...In the past manually leveling & mixing dialog recordings for content has proved to be time-consuming and difficult for the non-audio engineer to know how to properly set EQ's, Compressors, and Restoration plugins, but each of these steps are repetitve & technical in nature -so we auotmated the process, so you can focus on what really matters - creating content.

Do you offer any discounts?

Not yet! We are currently in beta & searching for our initial users, if that's you please get in touch through one of the many forms on the site! In the future we'll be offering each new user a short free-trial so they can hear the ClipGain magic and decide if it's right for them.

What is ClipGain exactly?

We like to think of ClipGain as your virtual mix engineer, that's awake & ready to work any time of the day to make you sound awesome! Through our algorithms and super smart computer learning machines, ClipGain analyzes your audio & determines how much noise reduction is needed, levels volume changes, fixes common issues like hum, and makes sure the final mix meets Internet loudness standards.

What audio formats do you support?

We can process anything, but WAV and MP3 files work best! ClipGain works best when you begin by processing raw WAV files, then once they're processed you can sync the awesome sounding audio to you podcast, video, or other content for easy editing.