How to edit a podcast audio without Adobe Audition, GarageBand, Reaper or any other complicated tools

Sunday, December 29, 2019

For nearly two years from the launch the Rad Dad podcast I had struggled with editing. After countless hours of cropping audio, removing pauses, and adjusting strange-looking nobs on my recording software, the audio would still not come out anywhere near the quality I desired.

I tried to get good at audio engineering, but it was rather complicated. Tools like Adobe Audition, Reaper, or even Audacity and Garageband, all needed hours invested in them, never mind the time it then took to actually use them!

Good content and popular guests, that was all I needed to promote my podcast, right? Well, turns out I was wrong. Brad showed me how much better a podcast sound be if you apply just the right audio fixes to it. A podcast that sounds better is more pleasant to listen, and so more people stick around and listen to the end.

After hearing a comparison between the way my show sounded before, and what it could be after great audio engineering, I was sold. Great audio was important, really important. But I still had one problem - my show was not making any money, so I could not afford to pay for a professional.

That was where the idea for was born. Brad is a professional sound engineer and he knows exactly what to do to make a podcast sound better, while I am pretty good at technology and at reducing complexity to a simple product that just works. Together, we built, the fastest audio enhancement tool for podcasters, ever.

How does ClipGain work? Our algorithms process your audio, looking for disturbances, peaks and valleys, and noise frequencies outsides of the normal recording content. Then, we remove those noises, clear away the hum, normalize loudness, and master your file to be ready for publishing. This turns an average podcast into a professional recording in a matter of seconds. ClipGain is fast, does a great job, and you can get started with it right away, no training required.

ClipGain basic is enough for most podcasters, but for those who need a little extra, our Pro plan offers cross-gate analysis and multi-track support, enabling you to reduce noise and cross talk in podcasts that were recording on multiple overlapping microphones. It's magic!

If you are a seasoned podcaster, ClipGain can help you save hours every week, time that can be better spent on creative endeavors. If you are a new podcaster, and just getting ready to launch your first show, ClipGain is a one-click solution that will get you to the quality you desire. You can get ClipGain basic, get your show up and running, and then take the time to find a podcast editor that is right for you. - the faster audio enhancement tool for podcasters (and youtubers) ever!

Do you want to sound like a pro?